Why advertise with Northend Agents Newspaper & Northend Agents Online?

cropped-NEALogoSolo.pngNorthend Agents, LLC has helped amplify the voices of Hartford, CT’s urban community for the past 40 years providing news, advertisements, and essential resource information; and is the city’s longest-running African-American news publication. We encourage and help empower our community through articles and stories that show the diversity and the richness of Hartford’s neighborhoods: its youth, civic leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, and educators.

As we have carved out our niche as a print publication and, now, as a digital media platform, Northend Agents is excited about reaching an even broader and more diverse readership, and cultivating new relationships with sponsors and advertisers with content-rich articles and editorials from contributors who stoke interesting conversations and are on the pulse of current events and popular-culture. Northend Agents provides an opportunity to help us connect your brand, business, or event with a diverse audience through our newspaper and on our website and offer different advertising options depending on your company’s needs and budget.

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