Change your perception to change your selection! By Endera Allen


The media is filled with subliminal messages about how we as woman are not good enough. I’m sure you can think of some right now. And messages that pit men and women against each other instead of standing and being strong side by side. That is part of the reason why Black women are seen to be loud, argumentative, and hard to deal with. No! We are simply filled with the knowledge that there is more to life, that there is more to us. We are strong and powerful, and we know this.

Our might, our strength is not to be feared it was meant to be well respected, but that is just the beginning because we as women were meant to lead not at the expense of another gender, but just because that is our calling, too. And, now more than ever we call on our parents on our media on our music industry to nourish and to love on that strength within us. But wait… we are woman! So, we wait on no one. We recognize that this battle is ours to fight, that when we change how we perceive ourselves to be on the inside our outside circumstances must get in line with that vision. So, I ask you today to change your selection to change your perception.

That means that we stop watching shows that degrade and defile not only women but our entire race. It means that we stop listening to music that calls us out of our names, it means that no more of this “if you can’t beat em’ join em’” mentality. We are not anybody’s and excuse my language here B!%@#. No! We are woman. We are goddess. And, it is time we stand for something a bit better than what we have been receiving. I look to the people in the consumer industry, people of power because they know this truth so well. They know that changing your selection to change your perception opens the door to a wonderful fulfilling life.

Yet, they feed unknowing minds filth. They poison the minds of up and coming generations. And, like M’baku says “We will not have it.” And while all of this is true I know that I am responsible for my journey. So, I rightly accept accountability for my life, for my journeys, and for my outcomes. When I hold myself accountable, amazing things begin to happen… I am once again in charge of my destiny.

Once we get brutally honest about what isn’t right in our lives we begin to change our selection meaning:
•The types of environments we are in
•The people we hang around
•What we are consuming (books, shows, music etc)
•What we are following on social media

Then we see that our perception is changing it is enlightened. It is empowered. It is goddess!

We have the power to be the change that we wish to see. Believe in yourself, believe in your best self. You are unstoppable! So, goddess within I call on you and I ask you to shine, so that our sisters around us can shine too. Ladies journey with me to self-awareness, you are worth i