Ché Campeche performance April 29

Ché Campeche: Laughter—Therapy For the Soul

Ché Campeche is a performing arts group founded in the late 80’s in St Lucia, one of the islands in the Caribbean located between Jamaica and Barbados. The French name Ché Campeche was derived from a local hardwood called ‘Campeche’ and ‘Ché’ meaning heart, therefore, “the heart of the wood”.
The group originated from a Seventh Day Adventist Church in the community of L’Abayee/Bexon starting with nine members and displaying individual talents during church performances. Led by Hugh Toussaint, the group began performing in various communities island-wide to sold out audiences. The main character, Carlton Cyril, better known as Coaks, is infectious with his comical persona. By the 21st century, the group gained international exposure, and today they continue to be highly requested in various parts of the world such as England, Dominica, St Thomas, St Maarten, Trinidad, and the United States.

With over twenty-five plays written and twelve recorded, the group focuses on morale in social, political and religious issues.  Their first theatrical production was “Mwen Ki Met Kai La”; when translated to English means, “I am the boss of this house”. The play depicts that as time has evolved, either man or woman can be the head of the household. The twist with the Ché Campeche performances is that the productions are done with a mix of two languages, English and Creole (a French dialect spoken in islands of the Lesser Antilles, closely related to varieties spoken in Martinique, Dominica, Guadeloupe, Grenada, and Trinidad and Tobago).

Their performances cater to all age groups as the group remains committed to entertaining and bringing satisfaction in the most humorous manner.

Connecticut will have the pleasure of hosting their latest production, Ste Lisi Dou, which will be performed live at the Weaver High School Auditorium, 415 Granby Street, Hartford, CT.

WHAT: Ché Campeche performs “Ste Lisi Dou”

WHERE: Weaver High School Auditorium, 415 Granby Street, Hartford

WHEN: Sunday, April 29. The show begins promptly at 2 p.m. Tickets are $30 (advance purchase).

INFORMATION/TICKETS: For more information, call (860) 680-5533 or visit