Dallas Cowboys-Washington Redskins Commentary By Demetrius Dillard



Though Turkey Day is a day characterized by delectable cuisine, spending valuable time with loved ones and expressing gratitude for countless blessings, the highlight of the day was slightly different for me. Of a truth, I’m grateful for all things and enjoyed my meal, but watching arguably two of the most galvanizing players in the NFL put on yet another spectacular performance at AT&T Stadium was the most distinguishable part of Thanksgiving.

Rookie quarterback Dak Prescott once again recorded an impressive stat lineup as he threw 17-for-24 for 195 yards passing and a touchdown in addition to eight carries for 39 yards rushing and another touchdown in the Cowboys’ franchise record 10th consecutive win.

Likewise, rookie running back and phenom Ezekiel Elliott – was the game’s top rusher with 20 carries for 97 yards and two touchdowns – once more tag-teamed with Prescott to carry “America’s Team” to a 31-26 victory over a not-so-bad Washington team (6-4-1). Prescott and Elliott accounted for 18 of Dallas’s 31 points en route to a second straight win over Washington this season, propelling the Cowboys to an NFL-best record of 10-1.

As aforesaid, Dak and Zeke were the obvious MVPs on Nov. 24, but Kirk Cousins didn’t do too bad – he went 41-of-53 passing for a game-high 449 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions. Receivers Darius Jackson and Jordan Reed put on impressive performances as well, combining for 213 receiving for three touchdowns.

Cousins, who is becoming an accurate down-field thrower, had no problem of advancing the ball up the field, but struggled to capitalize in the red zone early in the afternoon. Late in the second half, however, the Redskins showed resilience, but still came up short against the Cowboys’ rookie dynamic duo — both of whom are possible league MVP candidates.

I never did care much for the Cowboys (but my mom has been a fan dating back to the Tony Dorsett days); I’m more of a Pittsburgh Steelers guy. But what was most moving about watching the Thanksgiving rivalry matchup was seeing two young black athletes, in Prescott and Elliott, who not only are becoming the face of league, but have managed to maintain a positive reputation; have shown tremendous poise and maturity all throughout the season; are shattering decades-old records for their respective positions; and most importantly, are bringing hope to what was considered by many to be a hopeless franchise over the last few decades.

While Elliott is the youngest player in the league (from what I’ve researched), he is regarded as the top rusher in the league, which is nothing short of phenomenal. “It feels great… we’re on a roll,” said Prescott in an interview following the win over the Redskins. “We got a lot of momentum, we’re playing good ball and we’re just focused on building on this and, you know, becoming a better team every week.” Furthermore, he and Prescott are on pace to becoming the top rookies in Cowboys franchise history.

I enjoyed watching LeBron James, Cam Newton and many others as rookies growing up watching sports, but I can’t think of a more formidable rookie duo than Prescott and Elliott, not only in the history of the NFL, but in the history of professional sports.  Strangely as this may sound, Dak and Zeke are responsible for my transition of disliking the Cowboys to somewhat rooting for them to win a sixth Super Bowl. These two brothers are making history, and are just that influential.