DNA By Tony “teejinx” Jenkins


Maybe the issue is us? Maybe it’s because we learned what we were taught so well? You can teach a dog to meow, but the bark is embedded deep within his cell! We spent so much time shucking and jiving, that’s all we now appear to know. Give that niggah a mic or a ball, cut a check and watch ‘em go!

The infection is so bad, the source of the effect has become almost irreversibly numb. Many countries in Mother Afrika are so lost, when you say, “ancestors” they look at you all dumb! When you see the two-faced mask, your mind yells, “Janus!” from Roman lore. But it neglects older origins, further losing knowledge of times before!

We went from drum circles and feasts of abundance to prayer circles and Sunday mass! Being Held in Service, getting rode by spirits, speaking in tongues while Milly Rocking looking like an ass! Maybe that tongue dialect is indecipherable because it’s a language foreign to you!

But you fear your own dead through flesh and blood, who keep trying to get the message through! You yell out, ‘anointing’ when words bring raised vibration, now you feel a lift and jolt down in your soul! But do you realize I could read a script from any book with enough passion and conviction and it will attempt to feel your energetic hole? I didn’t say ‘fill’ because to me it’s a summoning, but no chickens or goats will get their throats slit! All they need is a sacrifice, a willing and defenseless participant, and guess what? Tag, your dumb ass is it!

Do something different but not wholly foreign, as said before, it’s born into your code. Activate your ancestral DNA, and flush what DOES-NOT-APPLY right down the commode! We are at a time with no veil, what’s beyond this realm is not hard to view. Call out to your ancestors, seek their guidance, bring back in the missing parts of YOU!

Our ancient ways before Indo-European invasion and infestation, had us set up as the generator of almost all there was to see! But a power source with no outlet is truly a useless thing to be. It’s why we are currently stuck because we don’t own our own current, so the voltage being put out don’t resonate.

History diverted our energies thru a converter switch, so now we generate the power for everyone else to be great!  So please unplug all devices that have devised this division. Now you can’t fully own what’s natural to you! Get back to nature, rediscover your animism, stop living to die; life is eternal, and you already have it and that’s the universal truth!

The picture above shows what is commonly known as a Janus mask, named after the Roman deity which had two faces but is nothing more than an Eshu or Eleggua or Papa Gede-type spirit that governs beginnings and endings and the crossroads of existence!

We Are that picture in the sense that we wear the mask GIVEN to us as the gifts of domination and enslavement while the true face lies in wait for us to turn Around and embrace!

This Harvest Season or Autumn is nothing more than a period of reclamation on many levels and for many things! Reclaim yourself and your true purpose as well as your true ways! Missing one of these can prevent the balancing of them all! Currently, we are being siphoned off like gas from a car, our energy sucked out thru a hose of Ignorance and IGNORING!

The veil is basically gone! Through natural yearly rotation but also through coercion and tampering by not only man but things more advanced, even if they are lower in vibration!

We need to sit and listen to what’s being offered from beyond. Spend time addressing our ancestral lineage now by setting out the bowl of fresh water, the plates filled with fruits and candies associated with known loved ones, candles, and trinkets like gemstones, pictures, and herbs and sea salts! Spend time reflecting upon them and feeling for them! You may not hear and you might not even see them! But you likely will know they are here and near and that they love you and will never leave you! No sacrifice needed! Just honor and reverence and time and attention!

Honor our ancestors and our ancestral ways.

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