Hotep Hustling By Charlie Costict


We stem from a tree with roots many will never see. We were seeds turned into strange fruit. Branched off in sections. Some able to remember being close to the soil. These branches however divide us in our attempt for self-perservation and power struggle within our community.

The Hotep hustlers as we call them have shown to collectively become a selfish egotistical bunch whose only power stems from pseudo-intellectual rhetoric. Their extreme beliefs and agenda backtrack the movement of Black people in our attempt to become conscious and united in our fight against inequality. Like a baby searching for a teet to suckle, Hoteps have searched throughout history and science only to bend its truths to benefit their narrative. It is said that Black men only truly wish to emulate White supremacy, adopting it to a different hue. To accomplish this, the Hotep/Shea Butter community preach their message to African Americans under the guise of being Pro-Black. They got the “Pro” part right.

My experience with Hotepery perhaps began with the Hidden Colors Dvds which does birth necessary teaching moments but also blends pseudo-philosophical propaganda in hopes of their version of Black empowerment. Thankfully I surrounded myself with unbiased activists and scholars/educators to be able to see through the veil so to speak. However, it came to my realization of how dangerous these messages are to an uneducated, angry, Black person looking for answers and direction. Dr. Umar has visited CT last year and I saw interest spark from peers to see his lecture and flags raised. A known homophobe and misogynist who is known to be a self-proclaimed Psychologist with such a following is alarming. His talking points include a Black woman’s place in the community, shunning members of the LGBT community with his Pan-Afrikan viewpoints which encourages discrimination based on eugenics and homophobia. I can’t in good faith support these Ankh-wearing extremists who arguably don’t want equality rather the Black man’s version of Patriarchy and White Supremacy.

The Hotep movement contradicts itself in many ways when they hail leaders like Malcolm X (who was bisexual) yet ignore the many intersections of identity within the Black community. They use mental gymnastics to push narratives that seem inarguable to the credulous and never admit their illogical way of thinking due to cognitive dissonance. They are like the kids in school who finish their classwork before everyone else and assume their way of doing things is the best way. They only debate to be right, not to learn and will twist any historical findings to support their argument. People like Brother Polight would jump hoops around the average person because he is indeed quite intellectual but his views are skewed and biased. They are dangerous because they will believe whatever fits the narrative. They’re convinced Africa is spelled with a “k” and believe the tree on the Timberland boot sign stems from slavery (of which I couldn’t find a clip). For anyone looking to learning their history, these people come off as professors that make everything sound believe-able thus the term “Hotep Hustler”. It’s best to learn from those without an agenda, who double check their sources, and are open to new information that may change their original beliefs. It’s dangerous to absorb the gospel from people with such a cult following. They thrive on ego stroking from their followers, pride themselves in being “all-knowing” and once money comes into play you start to see suspect activity. For every YouTube video of them saying insightful things in debate, there are videos of many claiming fraudulent dealings concerning these hood gurus. It’s in my opinion that you take their messages with a grain of salt until you do your own research. Chew the meat and spit out the bone.