Mastering Your Mean Girl: Review written by Desiree Anderson


Mastering Your Mean Girl: The No-BS Guide to Silencing Your Inner Critic and becoming wildly wealthy, fabulously healthy, and bursting with love By Melissa Ambrosini

“Ready to activate your dream life?”

As someone who has never successfully finished a “self-help” book, I was severely skeptical when I picked this guide up. As a library assistant, “self-help” and “self-esteem booster” books are consistently passing through my hands and while all of them make promises of encouragement and inspiration, something always leaves me feeling as if I’ve missed the bigger picture or ‘the main point’.

Melissa Ambrosini has created a beautifully written guide for anyone looking to fearlessly recreate themselves for the life they deserve; the life that they dream of having but never feel as if those goals are achievable. From the very beginning, Melissa teaches to always choose love over fear. She not only encourages her reader to face their fears head on, but to also learn to deal with the inner ‘mean girl’ who lives in all of us; the voice inside of our head telling us that we’ll never be good enough, or smart enough, or that we don’t deserve to live the life we desire.

Over the past year, I have endured so many drastic changes in my life; from the end of a long-term relationship to moving back home with my parents, I felt like a failure. After feeling as if I had failed at so many aspects of my life, I was paralyzed with fear of feeling as if every move I made was only leading to more disappointment. Mastering Your Mean Girl isn’t a miracle cure. There’s real homework and instructions to follow. Speaking affirmations to my reflection as soon as I wake up isn’t easy after the 4th day. After having a really tough day at work, the last thing that I want to do is go home and spend an hour of ‘quiet time’ with my inner ‘mean girl’ thoughts. However, as hard as it is to follow through with this guide, feeling inadequate is even more exhausting.

After reading this beautifully written guide, I have decided to purchase a personal copy of this book in order to continue on the path of activating my dream life. Melissa has taught me that fear can be crippling, but it can also be conquered. I’ve also learned to allow love, especially self-love, to be my internal compass, guiding me when the fear to look my goals straight on feels overwhelming and impossible.

Mastering Your Mean Girl is everything it claims to be: a no nonsense guide to quieting the voice in your head and achieving your most fulfilling life… because the only person blocking you from your true potential is you.