Poet Staceyann Chin Teaches Her Daughter a Lesson About Consent


StaceyannZuriPoet, performance and activist Staceyann Chin has been teaching her 3-year-old daughter invaluable lessons about issues like the finer points of social justice and human rights issues in a YouTube series of videos called “Living Room Protest”.

In the third installment, Staceyann demonstrates for viewers, that it’s never too early to teach little ones about the importance of body agency and consent in this cute video where young Zuri learns about granting and asking permission before touching, that it’s okay to say “no” when she doesn’t want to be touched or picked up, and that she has the right—even as a child—to agree to or withhold access to her personal space.

It’s always a great idea to teach children that they have the power to exercise  consent over their bodies, and to teach them how to project their voices. Manners and variations of, “No means no!” are fundamental lessons we’ve all been taught at some point during our own coming-of-age; and showing young ones how to set and respect boundaries is a social  courtesy that should definitely be passed forward.

Watch below…

[H/t Colorlines]