Undocumented By Charlie Costict


With the SCROTUS’s agenda to attack immigrants in the name of security and fiscal responsibility, it’s important for the everyday American to be aware of how much immigrants contribute to our economy. What is disguised as self-preservation for the sake of patriotic servitude is really a modern-day crusade reminiscent of ancient discrimination and legalized warfare. Undocumented immigrants are walking bullseyes, targets who pay taxes, add culture and productivity in spaces where privileged first-worlders feel they have not the humility to contribute. The unwarranted attack on undocumented immigrants highlights a disconnect and irony where spray-tan voters are fighting for jobs they essentially feel are beneath them by electing a president dedicated to creating jobs for said Americans [Read: Wypipo]. The current crusade against Muslims highlights a historical war between Christianity and Islam dating back to around the 1100s. Fear-mongering for the sake of Christian purity and essentially White supremacy as people of color continue to be affected by these new draconian initiatives.

The separation between Church and State is being erased through radical Republican legislature to perpetuate these bastardized views of a religion that actually mandates the acceptance of refugees and immigrants. For someone known as a businessman, it’s quite contradictory to alienate those whose labor many industries rely solely upon on financially. According to an analysis published by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP), undocumented immigrants contribute an estimated $11.64 billion per year to state and local taxes. This is an estimated 8% of their income, a rate which is higher than what the top 1% income bracket of taxpayers contribute which equals out to an average of 5.4%. In addition, those who had no control in being brought here or born in the states by undocumented parents could contribute around an estimated $805 million annually if granted deportation relief. Thanks to Obama, the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) initiative provided a temporary shield for hundreds of thousands which has already proven to have a successful impact economically, socially and education-wise. Also, determined in the ITEP analysis was an estimated $2.1 billion in addition to the $11.64 billion if green cards were given to the undocumented population. This would allow immigrants to earn higher wages which translates to more spending and taxes paid thus stimulating the economy which would be good for everyone.

Many misconceptions derive from US nationalist propaganda about the undocumented population that are easily disproven. The idea that majority of those currently living here are “Illegals” is a false one. In 2013, out of 41 million foreign-born people living here, 30 million were naturalized citizens, permanent residents and legal residents. Out of the remaining 11 million considered unauthorized, 40% entered the country legally then let their visa expire. People assume the process to becoming an US citizen is a simple one when it’s quite the opposite. There are four ways to obtain a green card: family sponsorship, US job offer, escaping political persecution and the green card lottery (Diversity Visa program). The lottery for example consists of 55,000 visas available per year and 50,000 visas are distributed among 6 geographical regions with no one country receiving more than 7% of available visas. Those from countries with high levels of immigration aren’t allowed to participate. They are required to have high school education or its equivalent, two years of work experience in an occupation that requires 2 years of training as well as pass a medical exam. However, in 2014 alone around 9.4 million qualified applications were registered (14.6 million when you include spouse and children) which increases every year… Hence the term “Lottery”. For a lawful permanent resident to become eligible for citizenship they must be a resident for at least 5 years. That’s 5 years of trying to support yourself and others while waiting for citizenship, missing out on opportunities and feeling hopeless. You can’t call and see where you are in the process either after applying leaving you in the dark. We fault the Limited English Proficient(LEP) population for their lack of literacy without considering the shortage of ESL teachers and ESL funding.

Orange Hitler currently harps on crime rates rising due to lax immigration policies as seen in Sweden. FOX has even gone as far as to have a Swedish immigrant(ironically) pretend to be a Swedish official to further the propaganda. Research in the Journal of Ethnicity in Criminal Justice first issue suggest immigrants actually reduce the amount of crime. In addition, studies by the conservative Americas Majority Foundation state that crime between 1999 and 2006 were lowest in states with the highest immigration growth rates. During that period, crime fell 14 percent in the 19 top immigration states, compared to only 7 percent in the other 31. Also, undocumented, naturalized and permanent residents are incarcerated at lower rates than native-born Americans. Immigrants are simply looking for a better life and coincidentally, their productivity adds to the overall condition of all Americans.

In a country run by corporations, the labor of the undocumented has long since been a tool in capitalism. Employers can get away with paying low wages and providing hazardous working conditions because workers fear deportation. ICE agents are currently raiding factories, bars, small businesses and homes to arrest undocumented people and put them in detention centers. The US has the largest number of detention centers, 79 in total in addition to shadow prisons complete with abuse and mismanagement. It’s important to note how these industries have agreements with immigration authorities to get rid of their workers slowly as not to disrupt productivity and profit. You never see a massive raid of a meat-packing industry or agricultural labor companies. Undocumented people are the backbone of a capitalist nation and agriculture happens to be the largest industry. These anti-immigrant policies will bite us in the butt far as economy is concerned and amplify this uncertainty for others. If these White nationalists will sacrifice the economy to disenfranchise immigrants……Who is next?