We do it All By Greisha Cintron

Motherhood doesn't come at the expense of your dreams.

Young smiling African American mother and daughter coloring together. There are people in the background.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that it’s wrong for black and brown mothers to make their careers a priority at the expense of needing help to raise their children. Why do we believe it’s acceptable or more tolerable for white women to pursue her career and hire a full time nanny but it’s wrong for us? We are expected to give up our careers so that they we can be hands on mother’s. This standard is not okay we should be able to pursue our career and still be mother’s. This needs to be done free of judgement for the desire to do things differently from what we have been taught.

Most white women are able to remain focused on their careers without giving time to their children. I believe that’s wrong, but I know that people are okay with it. I hope that when I become a mother I’m able to advance my family to the next level. I want to be able to provide them with a better childhood then the one I had. In order to do that I know I must make my professional career a priority and hopefully I’m able to have my children once I’ve become more successful in my career. If that doesn’t happen I hope that the if I do require help to raise my children while working that it’s accepted. My support system will step in to assist where need be and help me balance work and motherhood. I want to create the time to being engulfed in my work and the time to be completely captivated with being a mom.

We need to remind black and brown women that you can still follow your dreams and aspirations and still be dope motherhood.  Motherhood doesn’t come at the expense of your dreams it’s the push you need to pursue those dreams. Now you have another set of eyes looking to you shine and be the best example possible.

Cheers to Mother’s who do it all while juggling the demands of the world.